What it means

What it means

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Botanical Camouflage

Being the resilient type that I am, and desperately needing to assuage my gardeners ego and cover up my construction mistakes, I immediately started laying stones and preparing the planters. I had thrown all the construction debris and broken concrete into the bottom of the planters and filled them up with wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt. I knew I could plant specimens that would arch over the railroad ties and hide those architectural atrocities. The drainage would be very good so I took a tip from our rocky hills (and some really savvy gardener friends) and bought California natives and mediterranean specimens. Ceanothus, Rosemary, Rock Rose and Pride of Madera all would get big fast and eventually everyone would forget what was underneath.


smtsqd said...

This lake was a place I spent some magical moments as a child. Years later, along with this lake, this wonderful garden is a place my two girls have spent their own magical moments with their whimsical Auntie.

Like a light under the proverbial bushel, an artist's passion cannot be hidden. Thanks for letting out your impassioned flair for life wherever you go, Big Sis'!

Duralee said...

Enjoyed your pictures.