What it means

What it means

Friday, June 6, 2008

Seven Levels to Paradise

So my lack of brute strength turned out to be not such an insurmountable obstacle after all. Now that I knew I could just hire some guys to carry RR ties for me, and now that I had a GIGANTIC bank account, everything seemed so clear. I got out my sketch pad and started madly planning out how I was going to build my paradise. I divided the lot up into 7 basic levels and I was going to make every one of them into a different thematic garden environment…with legitimate hardscape and everything. I couldn't sleep, I wanted it to happen overnight so I could get right down to experiencing true bliss.

The first thing I had to do was to build a dock and stairs from the road to the lake, it was a steep, steep hill with no real access down to the shabby little dock I had but somehow I had to make it the main focus. Now what was that contractor guy's name I met a while ago, I had his number somewhere. Found it, set up an appointment, got a bid, scary, I felt a little faint when I signed the contract (gulp) and made out a deposit check (yikes, way more digits than any paycheck I'd ever seen) but I was going for it…

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