What it means

What it means

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Steps through Thyme

My Bouquet Canyon stones, by this time, were winding through every available plateau of the hill that I could possibly dig out for an installation. In a most unschematic way they connected every little planting and actually turned out to have an organic cohesiveness that wasn't altogether uncharming. I had planted creeping thyme along the downside of each path way to hide the re-bar I'd used for stabilizing. I interspersed nasturtiums, irises and other delights, oh, I was having so much artistic fun, I never wanted this 3D painting to end!

I desperately wanted to show off my efforts to my new garden friends as many of my design ideas came from their suggestions, but the paths were narrow, steep and treacherous for those who were the least bit unsteady or hesitant. I realized that if I wanted to share my hill gardens with anyone who was not part mountain goat, I was going to have to build stairs that employed a little more engineering savvy, which I clearly did not have. I was quickly exceeding my monetary allocation for this ever growing project and my credit card was going into a meltdown so I went off to the local mortgage broker to see a guy about financing my dreamscape. I found that it was entirely feasible to trade my minuscule mortgage payment for a huge, huge wad of cash! I signed and initialed a bunch of papers and ordered two pallets of railroad ties.

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Hey, It's about thyme, I was starting to missing your entry.