What it means

What it means

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Slag Heap Gardening and Living with Vinca Minor

It all started with a broken heart. I had to control something.

Ok, so first of all I had to deal with the tons, tons of slag and debris intertwined with vegetation that had been left on the property by various glaciers, builders, renters, husbands and boyfriends…just like my heart, it was a tangled mess. You know the stuff I mean, broken heaps of asphalt, concrete, old rubble walls, fences and telephone poles. These ruins and detritus were completely over grown with the most vile and invasive vine known to man, vinca minor. Sometimes known as periwinkle, it is used to control soil erosion by the completely naive. The trouble is you just can't trust it! And once it becomes established, it's like the mafia, it takes over. I had a little over a quarter acre of it, and I had let it dominate me for far too long!

I tried weed wacking, no way. I tried using scissors, oh, come on, get real, lady. Pull it out by hand, ouch. Then I found what became my favorite garden implement, the mattock, it's the most superb invention, it was made for me.

I got gloves and got to work, I had to.

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