What it means

What it means

Friday, May 30, 2008

Simply Sagacious

Spring was beginning to emerge and had to give thanks to the nice man at the nursery who suggested that I couldn't go wrong with sages as I was so admittedly inexperienced.

I freaked out in the fall when I came out one morning and they were limp and laying down from the first frost. I was certain I had done something awfully wrong. I went back to the nursery with my limp and lifeless children in my arms and I'm sure by the look on my face they were expecting a lawsuit for wrongful death. The wise, gardener man remembered me and with a wink, he assured me that after a few seasons I would get used to the effects of the growing cycles, no harm, he said just go home and give them a buzz cut just when spring starts. Leave the dead stuff on during the frost season to protect the new growth. I did and damn, it worked. They came back like a Beatles tune!! Oh blah dee, what a spring it was, a riot of new life! My children were alive! Pinappleus (Salvia elegans), Luke (Salvia leucantha) and Fwenchy (Lavandula dentata) were young again. My heart was renewed. I was just starting to get it.


Anonymous said...

I want to rent a leaf in your garden. How much does that go for nowadays? really amazing shots.

Sunny said...

Oh how I love lavender!