What it means

What it means

Monday, May 19, 2008

Garden Lust

After a couple of weeks the plants started to establish themselves and they really started looking like they belonged. I was so proud and found myself transferring my misplaced possessiveness to the garden. I couldn't wait to get home from work everyday to get in some garden time before dark. And, oh, I lived for the weekends. I was getting really roughened from the heavy work I was doing, I was lost in it and I hated to leave it. As the season progressed I dreaded the return of standard time. Halloween was looming and not being able to bear having my garden hours cut, I started being late to work (actually, quite a bit) so I could do things in the morning.

I began noticing things I 'd never noticed before, like the huge native planted grounds at the prosperous pharmaceutical company next to work. I took my walk there everyday and I started swiping branches and leaves to take to the nursery to be identified. I wanted everything, two of everything. I had it bad…garden lust.

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Godless Sunday said...

You garden photos make me miss CA so much.